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fine jewellery hand made in Canada

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Welcome.  Boreal Workshop is a Manitoba based, Cree owned company.  We design and produce traditional and custom work, typically in copper, silver, gold, and mixed media, with and without gemstones.  Our services include fine jewellery and art object design, production, and gem cutting (faceting, cabochon, mixed, and custom).  All of our work is hand made in Canada.

Our work is informed by First Nations and European cultures and traditions of art and craft, and our environment.  We have lived and worked in diverse regions of Canada, from the Arctic to the Prairies, and the influences of cultures, traditions, and the beauty of the natural world are intrinsic to our art.  In addition to jewellery and personal goods, we produce art objects, and vessels and containers suitable for personal and ceremonial use.

Our work is available directly to the public at events throughout the year, through our Etsy Shop, and through partners.

Please browse our gallery for a sample of our work, and stay up to date by reviewing our Events & Announcements.  You can learn more about Boreal Workshop on the About us page, and reach out to us with questions or comments using the Contact us form.